2008_12_wentz.jpgFather of Bronx, husband of Ashlee and 1/4 of Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz, attempted to put on an impromptu concert yesterday with his band. The scene: Washington Square Park; the time: 3:30 p.m.; the outcome: a cappella. One blogger recaps the scene, which they say was "inspired by Bob Dylan’s improptu ’60s performances in the same location." Allegedly Wentz had written about the show on his blog the night before, but "just as the band was about to play, they got in a bit of a scuffle with police, who arrived to inform them that they had not obtained the proper permit and would not be legally allowed to play instruments." Ah, Footloose laws. Apparently the boys were allowed to sing sans instruments, however, so the publicity stunt show went on. One question remains: could this Pete Wentz fella be the rock star that was spotted busking on the 14th Street F platform over the weekend? Photograph courtesy of Jessica Rogers