Some Lady Gaga with your giblets? The superstar may have kept things simple with a casserole last year, but last night she took over ABC with her 90-minute A Very Gaga Thanksgiving special (aka: a very transparent marketing ploy for the new "surprise" Gaga holiday release).

The broadcast brought her back to her Manhattan Catholic elementary school, Sacred Heart, with Katie Couric, for some opening up in front of the camera moments, and what the network described as "an intimate look inside [of her] private life." Gaga also performed eight songs in front of a small audience filled with her close friends and family, including a duet of "The Lady is a Tramp" with Tony Bennett, and some holiday songs from her aforementioned holiday release.

But that's not all! Those who tuned in also got to see Gaga preparing a deep-fried turkey feast with chef Art Smith, and talking to school children. Speaking of which, props to the city kids, EW notes that when Gaga asked the third graders if they knew who Jackson Pollock was, they all did—"I ask you what you eat for Thanksgiving and you don’t know, but you know who Jackson Pollock is," she said.