2007_02_slowey.jpgWe were reading New York Magazine's Fashion Week Food Diaries where models, a show producer, and a fashion editor submitted three days of their eating habits. The fashion editor is Elle's fashion news director, Anne Slowey, who we remember very well from Project Runway's season 2 ice skating outfit challenge. And the diary seems to clear up some things.

Over the course of three days, Slowey's diet consists mostly of water, an intense vitamin regimen, iced skim lattes, and alcohol. There are bits of the important food groups here and there - "two ounces seviche" and the Milanese eggs at Saint Ambroeus - but not probably enough for a person on the go.

Maybe it was a busy week, but if this is Slowey's usual diet, we're totally connecting the dots about Slowey's Project Runway judging. She was subbing for Nina Garcia during the episode where the designers had to create a skating outfit for Sasha Cohen. And Slowey was particularly vicious when seeing Emmett McCarthy's burgundy skating outfit, saying too much "tooty" was showing.

2007_02_emmettskating.jpgTooty! Even Tim Gunn wrote on his blog:

I am loathe to ever question a judge, but Anne Slowey, where was the vulgarity? What tooty? Anne is always spot-on in her judgments, but I felt as though she was looking at Emmett's work through a different lens.

fourfour called Slowey

, "Horribly disagreeable, aggressively critical and perpetually unsmiling, Anne is no mere powerbitch. She's a fashionc**t." (fourfour also has soundclips of Slowey deeming McCarthy's admittedly boring and maybe-too-short dress "tooty"-riffic.) And despite being tooty-ed and kicked off during that episode, McCarthy's doing fine and has a cute store in NoLiTa.

New York Magazine also has an update about Project Runway Season 3 winner Jeffrey Sebelia and his attempts to really break into the fashion world. He's making costumes for a Bratz movie!