Well, it was only a matter of time! Less than a day after Banksy revealed his first piece in New York since 2010, the stencil was painted over. A Gothamist reader sent us this photograph from the Lower East Side, explaining, "I got up early this morning to check out the Banksy on Allen between Hester and Canal before work and it's already been painted over."

Banksy says he's "attempting to host an entire show on the streets of New York," with his website calling it an "artists [sic] residency" for the month of October. Given that his 2010 NYC pieces were tagged nearly immediately after they were revealed, it's not surprised that this one—showing a boy holding a can of spray paint while standing on another boy's back (and the spray paint can is in a sign that says "Graffiti Is A Crime")—was hit hard.

At some point in the evening, the sign was removed, and later someone posted a tag in the white space. The graffiti this morning reads, "(c) PHATLIPP Sweaty palms made me lose the love of my life :("

Now the wait is on for his next piece. Or is the promise of a month-long art show a hoax too?