Gothamist is thrilled to announce that we're growing our family of sites once again: Meet Shanghaiist and Phillyist.

2005_07_shanghaiist.jpgNot only is Shanghaiist our first site in Asia, Shanghaiist also has the distinction of being the only -ist/-est site with three vowels in a row (coming to a super-lenient Scrabble game near you!). The blog from Shanghai, edited by Dan Washburn and some fabulous contributors, is covering things like newest Chinese holiday, a skater who jumped the Great Wall, and why Cliff Clavin would have been right at home Shanghai.

2005_07_phillyistr.jpgAnd just a NJ Transit-SEPTA train ride away is Phillyist in the city of brotherly love (our logo is still being developed). Lead editor John Carroll and the awesome Phillyist team have been looking at what yummy things can be made from the Terminal Market, good pub crawls and how the Phillies are representing.

So, welcome/歡迎 to the sites! And check out our other great city sites (links at the top of the page).