Photo by Lauren Currie Lewis

This afternoon straphanger Lauren Currie Lewis spotted this welcome mat outside of the 28th Street N/R station in Manhattan. We originally thought it was an ad for Bermuda, or wherever, but Lewis told us, "It's the only thing like it that I saw. Most people didn't even notice it!" An MTA rep confirmed it was not an ad, telling us, "This is not an approved ad. Looks like a prank. I sure hope none of our customers tripped on it." Lewis says it seemed "somehow secured because lots of people walked over it without it moving."

Maybe there should be welcome mats like this placed outside of stations, though—doesn't it sort of make you want to go into the depths of dirty underground just a little bit more? Though it might help if someone handed you a pina colado at the bottom of the steps. These are some free ideas, MTA!