How To With John Wilson was one of the most unexpected, wonderful shows of 2020, an incredible portal into life in New York City in the immediate pre-COVID era that came at the tail end of a very long year.

It was a testament to the keen eye and unrelenting curiosity of documentary filmmaker John Wilson, who serves as writer, director, cameraman, producer, and narrator, that he and his team (which includes Nathan Fielder and Michael Koman) were able to weave hundreds of hours of random footage taken (mostly) on the streets of NYC and twist them into compelling narratives with emotional beats. He was called the "David Attenborough of New York City," an urban anthropologist with a wicked sense of humor who could find the poetry in every piece of scaffolding and every, uh, foreskin activist.

At the end of the first season, the pandemic hit Wilson and his beloved landlord as hard as it did the rest of us. The new season picks up with what happened next in the city as COVID quickly spread, tackling subjects including a real estate opportunity, the "overwhelming and mysterious world of wine," the complex dance of street parking, battery disposal, and more.

In addition to Wilson and Koman, the writers this season include Alice Gregory, beloved local madman Conner O'Malley, and Susan freakin' Orlean.

The second season premieres on HBO on November 26th—check out the trailer for the new season below.