So far we've found nothing funny about the month of January, hopefully things will change starting this week. Check out our comedy picks:

When something is called Bar Mitzvah Disco (the Variety Show) you just have to go. The BMD is brought to you by the one and only Movable Hype 6.0 host Nick Kroll, who may or may not be going by the name of Enrique Goldfarb - Northern New Jersey's #3 name in Bar Mitzvah entertainment! The show is curated by the team behind the Bar Mitzvah Disco book and the evening features a cast of thousands, including best selling author AJ Jacobs, the Variety Shac's Andrea Rosen, STELLA and Wet Hot American Summer's David Wain, comedy socialite Seth Herzog (with The State and Wet Hot's Michael Showalter) and their very celebrated bar mitzvah video and a smoke machine operator named Marty.

Tonight // 9:30pm // Mo Pitkins [34 Avenue A] // Buy Tickets Here

How To Kick People explores their more musical side tonight with Dancetopia Supermix Tape. Paul Ford, author of Gary Benchley, Rockstar will be participating, as well as Victor Varnado and Von Von Von. We don't know the latter, however we do know that all attendees will receive a free H2KP Supermix cd.

Tonight // 7:30pm // Mo Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction [34 Ave. A] // $8

What's funnier than the Onion? That was rhetorical. The monthly meeting of The Onion Society for the Preservation Of Alcohol & Alcohol Traditions takes palce tonight, the guest of honor is Wild Turkey. So head uptown for free booze with funny headline writing people.

Tonight // 7-9pm // Blue Donkey Bar [487 Amsterdam Ave] // Free with rsvp

Aziz is cheating on us with the West Coast. He's taken a 2 month hiatus from his weekly Crash Test show at UCB, and now he's back on the right coast for a 3 week run before leaving again. So get ready for the funny (even if it is fleeting) and some special guest drop-ins, short films, and hijinks. Monday night promises "Todd Barry, Bill Burr and the debut screening of "Illusionators," a new short film series starring Aziz Ansari, Paul Scheer, and Rob Huebel. "

2006_01_ARTS_POORPANDAS.jpgJanuary 30th, February 6th and 13th // 11pm // Reserve Tickets Here

Starting on January 30th I Eat Pandas are starting a 2 month run of Monday Night shows at Under St. Marks. I Eat Pandas create instant musicals on the spot, and we're wishing and hoping no pandas (real or plush) are hurt during these skits.

January 30th (for 2 months) // Under St. Marks [94 St. Marks Place]