2008_09_lemon.jpgIf Michael Phelps is feeling exhausted from his week preparing to host SNL tomorrow, maybe he'll be pepped up by news that hope is on the way: Barack Obama will be making his second cameo on the show's season premiere. The big question of the week though has been which SNL cast member will play Sarah Palin? While both the Phelps-fantasizing Kristen Wiig and newcomer Casey Wilson have been suggested, there's been a shocking third party mentioned: Tina Fey. However, Lorne Michaels is playing coy and only saying that there have been ongoing talks with Fey to appear tomorrow. Also tomorrow, keep an eye out for local comedian Bobby Moynihan making his debut as SNL's newest cast member. UPDATE: According to an NBC source, Tina Fey and Will Ferrell have "been around" the SNL studios. We're also told that James Franco will host the Sept. 20th show with Kings of Leon as the musical guest.