Another week, another slew of new releases available for our viewing pressure. If you've been watching TV regularly, you might think that Rent, Walk the Line or Aeon Flux are all coming out tomorrow, but no. Still, there's plenty to see such as the adaptation of Myla Goldberg's novel Bee Season; Kiera Knightly taking on Jane Austen in Pride and Prejudice; and although we might not otherwise be too excited for Zathura, our interest is piqued thanks to the presence of director Jon Favreau. We're also quite intrigued by Irish director Jim Sheridan going from films like My Left Foot and the brilliant In America to the life and times of a guy named after a half-dollar with Get Rich or Die Tryin'. Oh yeah, and should-have-been-Bond Clive Owen and Jennifer dont-call-me-Rachel Aniston are in some thriller from those ex-Miramaxers, The Weinstein Bros. called Derailed.

2005_10_mg10_rowlands.jpgA Gothamist Pick: Is it fair to make a "pick" for something that is technically sold out? We'd be remiss if we didn't mention that starting tonight, BAMcinematek will showcase the career of the great Gena Rowlands with a series running through Nov. 20: "Gena Rowlands: An Independent Spirit". Over the next 10 days, BAM will show five of the seven films Rowlands made with late husband (and indie film godfather) John Cassavetes including Gloria (Friday), Opening Night (Saturday) and Minnie and Moskowitz (Sunday). Her most famous and best performance, however, was in A Woman Under the Influence which will screen tonight at 7:30 PM only, followed by a Q&A featuring Rowlands and moderated by none-other than Peter Bogdanovich. Yeah, this is the event that's sold out, but you never know with these things -- sometimes you show-up and you can get in. If you miss it and want to see Gena, she'll also be introducing the 6 PM screening of Opening Night on Saturday.

More for the weekend after the jump:

Festivals Galore: It seems like every week there's another "festival" of sorts in this great town of ours. Tonight is the opening night party at Avalon for the New York International Film and Video Festival which will be taking up residency with a week's worth of screenings tomorrow at the Village East Cinema (2nd Ave at 12th St.). Meanwhile, also starting tomorrow at the Quad Cinema is the 15th Annual N.I.C.E. (New Italian Cinema Events) Festival, always a good opportunity to discover the latest in film from a country with such a rich, vibrant and influential film heritage. And let us not forget the brand spanking new indieWIRE Undiscovered Gems festival which started yesterday and runs until Nov. 15 at the IFC Center.

Midnight Movie Smackdown: We love to find those commonalities between the weekend midnight movies at the Landmark Sunshine and the IFC Center. If we really tried, we could probably have more fun with this week's selections than ever before, but instead, we're going to let you play with this pairing yourself. Rosemary's Baby at the Sunshine is simply one of the all-time great psychological horror thrillers. Plus, once you've seen it, you'll never look at The Dakota quite the same way.
Meanwhile at IFC Center, this week's "Midnight Rocks" entry is none other than ABBA: The Movie. Psychological horror, indeed.

So what else is new? On the smaller circuit, we absolutely love Naomi Watts, and to prove that big stardom hasn't completely gone to her head, you should check out Ellie Parker. The film was in competition this year at Sundance. It's not just that Naomi made an indie film; Ellie Parker is actually a feature expanded from a short of the same name she starred in four or five years ago; before Mulholland Drive or The Ring cemented above-the-title status. And yet, even as her stardom grew, she stuck with writer-director Scott Coffey, helping to finance and produce the film herself. Also on tap: the very interesting Good Morning, Night, and Tribeca Film Fest fave, South African documentary The Swenkas, long awaited Japanese Horror film Pulse, Amber Collective's latest Shooting Magpies at Anthology Film Archives, and Cape of Good Hope.

Also, if you happened to wonder why a movie would open at the Cinema Village on the same day it was to be shown on Comedy Central, we were confused too. However, The Comedians of Comedy in theaters is a film that's been traveling around to festivals for the last year. The Comedians of Comedy the TV show is a new series that was sold thanks to the movie. (You can see a clip from the series here. Involving some of the funniest stand-ups on the comedy circuit today, you should check out both of them. We've also already mentioned our love for Sarah Silverman and her new film Jesus Is Magic (which we saw some time ago and walked out of with a sore face), so enter our ticket giveaway by 11 PM tonight and maybe you can see it for free.