If you happened to see any middle aged women wandering around the West 30s Monday night with GIANT novelty pins not featuring either presidential candidate, there was a (relatively) good reason. The reunited New Kids on the Block were back at MSG for the first time in nearly two decades this week. The grown-ups remarkably still were able to fill the arena with a mix of actual hardcore fans, along with those just trying to relive the better days for a few hours. In a night full of ham-handed, crowd pandering moments, Donnie Wahlberg briefly donned a Yankees cap to replace his bedazzled Red Sox one, claiming that doing so "could get him killed" back home. He was always the tough one! Swoon.

Stephen Colbert endorsed Barack Obama earlier this week, (even though he'll still be voting for McCain) and he managed to nab one of Barack's earliest R&R endorsers to play the Report last night. Stephen chatted with Jeff Tweedy before the song, exchanging pleasantries before accusing him of being a socialist for giving away an MP3 on the his website. The band played an exclusive song, debuting "Wilco, the song" (like Joe, the Plumber) which sounded almost too good to actually be a gag song, despite inserting Colbert’s name into the lyrics. The band'll be back in town in December with Neil Young at The Garden. Watch the clip from last night here.

Halloween Plans?
Sick of dealing with the same lame Halloween parties at the same hastily decorated loft? There are a ton of musical alternatives this year if that sounds like more your speed. As mentioned yesterday, Apes and Androids and the Dirty Pearls will be playing at (Le) Poisson Rouge, who are sure to provide a thrilling and dramatic time. The Cardinals (formerly known as Ryan Adams and the Cardinals) are up at the Apollo, trying to start a local Halloween tradition after playing Hammerstein last year. Matt and Kim headline a stacked Todd P lineup, along with DMBQ and others at the Danbro Brewery in East Williamsburg. The always theatrical MGMT are at Music Hall of Williamsburg, and Jaguar Love, a group made out of former members of the more ghoulish sounding Blood Brothers and Pretty Girls Make Graves, will be at Mercury Lounge. Finally, if you insist on hosting your own spooky shindig, be sure to check out the Siouxsie and the Banshees downloadable tracks for Rock Band, out this week. Happy Halloween!

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