Thanksgiving Day Parade Rick-Rolled
Just when you thought you might have heard the final Rick Roll you'd ever have to hear, the "phenomenon" comes through with it's biggest score yet. During what was otherwise a completely by-the-numbers Thanksgiving Day Parade, a float promoting a new show on The Cartoon Network rolls by Macy's and starts a goofy puppet show song. Within seconds however, the record scratches and that familiar canned drum beat comes on, accompanied by the collective eye roll of millions of internet regulars. But wait, did that actually Rick Astley? The former one hit wonder, who has been notably shy to embrace his odd reemergence into popular culture, couldn't pass up a chance to appear live on national television. He walked out on the float to lip sync along to the original recording of the song, completing what was likely the largest Rick Roll of all time. So now that that's more, ok? It's over. Please?

Chinese Democracy Released
And not a moment too late, right? RIGHT??? The album nobody ever expected to actually exist, least of all Dr. Pepper or the Chinese Government, finally dropped this week to the masses. But despite maybe being the most hyped album ever to be released, with 14 years, over a dozen musicians and millions of dollars of production put into it, it was received with a collective...meh. While sales are expected to be fairly decent, the critical response has been decidedly mediocre, with a Metacritic rating hovering in the high 60s (a number being significantly buoyed by Chuck Klosterman's epic love letter). Whether the album has legs to beat the Kanye's and Beyonce's this holiday season, or if there is a future for the band in any way, shape or form is yet to be seen. But credit should be given where it's due: It's out, it's real, and it could be a whole lot worse.

ATP NY 2009 Begins to Take Shape
The Music Festival for people who can't stand Music Festivals was a big enough success that they're bringing it all back next year for another go. All Tomorrow's Parties, the English festival that made its inaugural New York version earlier this year, was created as an alternative to all the massive corporate fests which dominated the UK, and are now taking over the American summer landscape. The brand's credibility has attracted some big time names from music's anti establishment over the years, and often features reunited or long running bands performing classic albums in their entirety. This year featured a show put together by My Bloody Valentine, and next year already has several curators on board to fill the days. Bands confirmed so far include Suicide, Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Anti Pop Consortium and Dirty Three, with comedy by David Cross. Tickets for the September 2009 fest are already on sale. Buy beware: the fest is back at Kutchers, which turned out to be a dump--which allegedly housed a fleet of bed bugs.

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