Pianos En Fuego!

This just in: an employee over at Pianos on Ludlow Street has just informed us that the venue suffered some damages from a fire earlier this morning. He tells us, "There was a small electrical fire at Pianos this morning—the sprinklers went off and soaked everything, so we're going to have to close the club tonight. Things will resume as normal tomorrow for the Unisex Salon/Vulture Whale show."

Todd P Goes Legit
Yesterday DIY concert promoter Todd P went on NPR and divulged that he's looking to start a legitimate venue. For years (and years and years) he's been running shows out of basements, lofts, parking lots and other not-quite-legal spaces. He's often credited with creating this DIY scene, and discovering many of the bands that sprung forth from it (Dirty Projectors and Matt & Kim, to name a few). While the scene will continue to thrive, Todd P told NPR that: "He's negotiating with investors so he can get a fully legit rock club up and running. While some may suggest that he's somehow selling out, he says his reasons are practical. The more attention his unauthorized shows get, the greater the chance that they could be shut down. Patrick says this hasn't happened yet, although he has received summonses. But he also wants to reach more people, specifically teenagers who feel the way he did when he was growing up—alienated and alone." As of now, expect the new club to be opening sometime this Fall.

Our Boyfriend is Playing (Le) Poisson Rouge
Swoon. Sigh. Etc. Actor/musician/man-of-our-dreams Ryan Gosling will be bringing his band, Dead Man's Bones, to (Le) Poisson Rouge this October 15th. Pitchfork reports that "the duo will bring the songs of their debut album to life with the help of a local choir in each of the twelve spots they're hitting. As Gosling and Shields explained to us, their self-titled debut (out October 6 on Anti-) was recorded with the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir. But they can't bring all those kids on the road with them. Hence, a new group in every city." And in another effort to bring in the community at each show, the opening act will be a talent show, "organized by the band and featuring local talent in each city." If you aren't in love yet, just watch this hypnotic video they made.

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