wedding.jpg Fans of 1980's lovesick favorites "Hold Me Now," "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" and "Love Stinks" will be happy to know that the nostalgia-drenched romantic comedy The Wedding Singer is headed for Broadway. Set for a New York opening in April 2006, the musical -- which follows Robbie Hart, a struggling suburban wedding singer who's dumped by his fiancée and pines for a betrothed waitress -- has not yet been cast.

Compared to the movie, the musical will be Sandler-free and have "more emphasis on the make-it-big, make-a-buck world of the '80s," said co-producer Margo Lion, in the NY Times. "The real appeal of this was that like 'Hairspray,' it takes place in a very specific time and place. Plus, we can finally say we're doing a show for all the good people who live in New Jersey." There is now news yet if Billy Idol or Steve Buscemi will consider repeating their film roles, but we can only hope.

Gothamist wonders if more producers will consider Soundtracks Live musicals and what other movies would make great Broadway musicals: Robocop? Dirty Dancing? Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion? 8 Mile? Royal Tennenbaums?