Well, we hope the EMTs at Beth-Israel are ready for a busy night tonight. Though Webster Hall has not responded to reports that it has a serious problem with underage over-drinking (a group of EMTs say the club simply drops its inebriated patrons on the street for ambulances to pick them up) they sure seem ready to have a few more incidents, what with it hosting tonight a party it bills as "the world's largest foam party." We're sure that will totally not bring out the young drinkers!

Also, we kind of thought that foam parties as a thing were 'over' but what do we know? The venue says it will have 40,000 square feet of foam flowing tonight along with your usual shiny things and loud noises. As if the space weren't crowded enough without foam to work your way though! On the plus side? They are apparently putting down carpeting so that nobody inadvertently plays slip-n-slide. Still, as it is a 19+ event, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be underage drinking (and drugging) a plenty.

On the plus side? Webster Hall does say extra security will be on hand.