Calling J. Jonah Jamison! Animal points out some rubbery impediments to people's daily lives: Artist Jasmine Zimmerman's rubber band installations. There are photographs of the Essex Street subway station entrance, parts of Tompkins Square Park, and other walkways covered with the bands. Animal has her full artist's statement, but here's an excerpt:

The installations alter urban traffic environments, such as crossing staircases or busy sidewalks on the streets of Manhattan, inviting the pedestrian to reinvent their path. They can be very visible or almost completely invisible, depending on how the light hits them, (which changes throughout the evening of course as the sun moves through the sky).

If they are not looking at what lies ahead, they may just run into them and get caught in the web. They will then become aware of the space that they're dancing with to navigate through the city.

Jasmine also says that people have been supportive - even volunteering their help. We've yet to encounter one of these rubbery "traps" but at least we'll have an excuse for stumbling.