While their pitch of being "quirky" and filled with "silly shenanigans" but sans "Zooey Dechawhatever" was a little grating, we pushed through and checked out the new Big City webseries... and it's actually great and not really quirky at all! If we had to play the compare game, we'd go more Seinfeldian with its embracement of nothingness, and slightly Girls-esque with the whole young-people-bantering-while-battling-day-to-day-urban-life thing. But really it's just its own thing, and can stand on its own without comparisons. Below is the first episode, where the main female protagonist gets lost in "deep Bed-Stuy" on her new bike.

The show was created by Lauren Ruff, and stars her and Zane Carney. Watch through episode 4 and you'll get a cameo from Mat Devine of the band Kill Hannah and cursed hit musical Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.