JohnM.jpg After seeing Being John Malkovich, who didn’t consider what it might be like to be Malkovich. Okay, maybe not. But you probably never thought about this either, John Malkovich – clothing designer. That’s right John has fallen in line with J-Lo, Sean Coombs and a host of others who believe they can cross-over from entertainer to fashion design diva.

His clothing line goes under the moniker, Uncle Kimono and it seems that Malkovich documented the launch of the line in Milan in a 60-minute film called Flipping Uncle Kimono. We haven’t heard of any screenings in New York, but we sure are curious - we hear there was actual flipping going on.

As for the clothing, Malkovich describes it as:
“…a men’s wear collection which has resonance of late 1950’s California beach boys, some Palm Springs Rat Pack, a touch of lounge lizards and a recollection of a Swiss banker who’s been let go.”

If you’re interested in seeing it for yourself, Malkovich will present the Autumn/Winter 2005-2006 menswear collection at a trunk sale tomorrow at The Performing Garage, home-base of The Wooster Group, 33 Wooster Street (between Grand & Broome in SoHo) between 10am-5pm.

Attendees to the trunk show at The Performing Garage will have the opportunity to order Uncle Kimono designs at 20% off the retail price. Cash and checks only. A percentage of the sales revenue will benefit The Wooster Group.