The Guggenheim Museum turns 50 years old next year and you can now own a little piece of the iconic building. The building has been undergoing a massive restoration, and lightweight concrete and Gunite remnants were set aside and are now being showcased! From the press release:

[Jewelry artist Cara] Tilker makes each jewelry piece through a labor-intensive process. Resin is poured into a handmade silicone rubber mold, then individual building fragments are placed in the resin, covered with a second layer of resin and allowed to set. After the resin pieces are released from the mold, they are hand-shaped and sanded, and finally set in sterling silver settings.

The line is called "Restoration Rocks," with cuff links, earrings, pendants and more. Prices start at $175 and the pieces are available at the Guggenheim and on its website.

For those who are worried: The material taken off the building was "removed in order to gain access to reinforce points of the exterior wall to preserve its structural integrity" or was removed so more stable material could replace it. Hmm--maybe some of the pieces have the original Powell Buff paint on them!