The last time we saw The National they were rubbing elbows with the likes of Julia Stiles in a fancy bank vault after their epic 20-song set at BAM (filmed by the DA Pennebaker)—but last night they were amongst the trees playing to the masses in Prospect Park. And everything was right in the world once again.

The band has legitimately blown up, so there's no need to retrace their career here—if you don't know Alligator, Boxer or their most recent release, High Violet, then get thee to a record shop (and pick up their other 2 LPs and EPs while you're there). They'll be playing a sold out show at Terminal 5 tomorrow night, and then depart the city for quite some time—your next shot at catching them is September 24th at the Wellmont Theater in New Jersey (tickets still available). Here's some video of "Bloodbuzz, Ohio" from last night's show:

This is the same band whose drummer, Bryan Devendorf, kept a tour diary for us on their trip to SXSW in 2005—in which he wrote: "This party is in an office park several miles out of town. It's sparsely attended. Our set is good, too. A tree falls in the forest. There's so many bands here. So many. It's like the infinite number of monkeys with typewriters only we are the monkeys, we rock-and-rollers, we suckers."