Yesterday, the New Museum unveiled its next exhibit, The Last Newspaper, which depicts how artists respond political news stories and images. Besides works including Luciano Fabro's Pavement Tautology—where yesterday's newspapers are used to mop the floor—and Dash Snow's Untitled—which has NYC tabloid covers of Saddam Hussein's downfall decorated with semen and glitter—performance artist William Pope.L is supervising a restaging of his work Eating the Wall Street Journal (2000). To reprise this famous performance, he's "enlisting a team of collaborators to occasionally wander throughout the museum eating the financial daily." At the exhibit's opening party (Gothamist was a media sponsor), Obama-mask clad figures were clutching bundles of Wall Street Journals and indeed eating the broadsheet.

Additionally, different groups will maintain a presence through discussions and even newspapers: For instance, the Barcelona-based curatorial duo Latitudes will compile a weekly newspaper covering the museum's activities and discussions and StoryCorps will be featuring some of its radio and animation pieces (they're great) and manning a reference desk. The exhibit runs through January 9th, 2011.