Last night Sarah McLachlan took the stage at Terminal 5... but not the venue in Manhattan, the JetBlue terminal at JFK Airport! The scene was not dissimilar to this Funny Or Die clip of Jewel showing up at a karaoke bar—McLachlan's piano was set up post-security, right in the middle of where travelers were arriving and departing. The singer just released her new album Laws of Illusion and is in town for the latest stop on her Lilith Fair tour (taking place tomorrow).

The Live from T5 concert series kicked off last year, and was developed by Superfly, the producers of Bonnaroo. While the shows can only be attended by travelers, there are a few more coming up (though the lineup has yet to be announced)—so don't be surprised if you catch a well-known performer next time you're waiting for your flight. Maybe one day JetBlue will even host in-flight concerts (like in The Wedding Singer!).