The latest trend according to the NY Times? Having seizures at the new Twilight movie! Except, wait, that's not a trend, like vodka tampons and sexting are trends, that's just something that's happening to people. We repeat: having a seizure during The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1 will in no way heighten the experience for you. However it is happening to people—specifically (spoiler alert?) at the end, when audience members suspend disbelief once again as Bella gives birth to a baby that she conceived with her vampire husband Edward.

According to reports, during this scene, which features rapidly changing colors, a few viewers say they experienced epileptic seizures. The Guardian believes that the "strobing red, white and black imagery may have triggered episodes of photosensitive epilepsy" in these viewers (one male in Salt Lake City, another in California, so far).

Anyway, we made it through without having seizures, but perhaps that was because we were so distracted by how disturbingly thin Kristen Stewart was in the movie—though she says it was all done digitally.