30_Rock_Subway_ad.jpgFinally, our wait is over! A new 30 Rock airs tonight at 8:30 p.m. followed by a new installment of The Office.

Since creator and star Tina Fey was a fixture on writers strike picket lines, there may be strike-inspired lines or scenes on the show in the coming weeks, in addition to the normal skewering of NBC’s less than stellar programming.

In tonight's episode, Jack (Alec Baldwin) is reveling over the success of NBC’s latest fakeality show “MILF Island” (which doesn't sound too far off from an actual fakeality show) until some newspaper comments about him kill the buzz. Of course, wackiness ensues.

Filmed in Long Island City’s Silvercup Studios, 30 Rock just won a Peabody Award. And don’t worry about the show not returning in the fall because NBC has greenlit another season. Beyond that, we don't know, but the Vulture's look at 30 Rock vs. The Office explains why many NYers are fond of 30 Rock.

Photograph by Triborough on Flickr