2004_09_emmycn.jpgAs the news of recent Emmy winner Cynthia Nixon having a girlfriend these past 10 months, after splitting up with her longtime partner and the father of her two children, Gothamist wants to chip in our two cents: We love you and want you to be happy, Cynthia. [We do have a caveat of "happy means not hurting people in a Michael Jackson-Courtney Love-Robert Blake kind of way."] Cynthia has been acting for a long time, and we're better for it. Gothamist has always identified with all of the Sex and the City girls at various points, but Miranda Hobbes has always been our kindred, take-no-bullcrap, tough, reactive, tough on the outside-soft as a marshamallow on the inside spirit.

And because people will continue discussing how Miranda was really a lesbian on Sex and the City, we'll give you a couple episode to refer to: The one where she pretends to be a lesbian to get ahead at the firm; the one where she gives up dating and the one where she doesn't think she'll share a bed with a man again. However, some of the best Miranda episode are My Motherboard, Myself (when Miranda's mother dies), Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda (when she finds out she's pregnant), One (when she realizes she loves Steve), The Ick Factor (when she and the girls find out Samantha has cancer) and the series finale

Gawker was very close in guessing the headline for the Post's story. Plus our coverage of the Emmys and thoughts on the series finale.