Have you taken Time Out New York's Essential New Yorker? It's a mammoth, challenging exercise that tests people's knowledge of the city and its people. Naturally, there was a Law & Order question (page 5 of the quiz) that challenged whether you could sift through, oh, about 100 names or so to find the needle in the haystack: "Which one of the following actors has never appeared on New York’s quintessential cop show?"


[Spoiler warning] However, fellow Law & Order fan ADM noticed a flaw in the quiz. While the answer is supposed to be Kevin Bacon, the name "Danielle Melnick" appears in the list. Now, any self-respecting Law & Order viewer would know that Danielle Melnick is the fiery defense attorney played by the inimitable Tovah Feldshuh, whose name is right above Danielle Melnick. So clearly Danielle Melnick is a correct answer as well.

ADM contacted Time Out, who said they would remove "Danielle Melnick" - but it's still there. And then we noticed that Steven Zirnkilton is listed. Zirnkilton provides the voice-over for the opening credits but as far as we can tell, he's never been on it. Our verdict: The Time Out intern just went through IMDB and haphazardly cut-and-pasted those names.

Have you seen the NBC website for all three Law & Orders? There are some pictures of former cast members, but Jerry Orbach isn't there. We know it's been two years or so but for shame, NBC.com!