Now that we’re in the swing of 2017, here's the easiest and most promising resolution to add to your list: meet new people that enrich your life, both personally and professionally. Join the other 44,000 Shapr members in NYC and make it your goal to meet someone new every week.

The world is full of interesting and likeminded people who can give you (and your career!) that extra oomf, but finding them can be difficult. The good news is there’s no need to shout your professional accomplishments from the hills or shill a tidal wave of business cards. Enter Shapr: it’s an app that will revolutionize the way you meet and connect with inspiring professionals, no uncomfortable small talk required.

Each day, Shapr tailors a list of 10 relevant professionals in your area, based on an algorithm that accounts for your personal and professional interests, job title and location. Your best matches are delivered straight to your phone where you can swipe easily and anonymously in less than a minute. And, of course, if there's a match, you can start planning that coffee meetup right away. (It's like a certain dating app but with a lot less rejection.)


Ready to adopt a healthier and more rewarding networking habit? Go on—get out there and meet the right people waiting to meet you. If you’re moving to other cities, you’ll find Shapr members all across the US. To learn more, download Shapr on your phone for free (iPhone and Android), and start connecting today.

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