and he was funky #Prince #snl40afterparty #snl40

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The after-party for the SNL 40th Anniversary show was so off the chain that we can't stop thinking about it, even though we weren't even close to being anywhere in the vicinity. And judging by Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers's effusive hangover observations, the event was as epic as social media made it seem. On the Tonight Show last night, a visibly haggard Fallon told the story of how the party turned into a spontaneous musical superjam that climaxed with Prince taking the stage (thanks to a heads-up from Dave Chappelle):

And here's Seth Meyers, also hungover, marveling at that amazing once-in-a-lifetime Party of the Century he got to attend but not you:

Taylor Swift also appears to be very pleased with the evening's spontaneity. Too bad nobody spontaneously invited us to join them:

Behold the Boltonator (as Fallon called him) singing about how when a man loves a woman he invites her to the SNL after-party, but nobody else, and certainly not you:

The B-52s doing Love Shack at the SNL after-party, which was followed by everyone doing sex with Taylor Swift while high on DMT:

Jimmy jamming out to Love Shack! #jimmyfallon #snlafterparty #snl40 @jimmyfallon

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The absolute worst part is that we missed our chance to run to the restroom during Miley Cyrus...

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And here's more Prince to pour some funky salt in that wound:

Prince performed for us last night💜 #aboutlastnight #letsgocrazy #SNL40 #afterparty

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With support from Chris Rock and Maya Rudolph and nobody who even resembles you, because you were not in attendance:

Dan Ackroyd getting bluesy with Jimmy about all the pathetic nobodies who weren't at the best party ever:

jimmy jimmy jimmy #jimmyfallon

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Paul and Jimmy and Taylor doing "Saw Her Standing There (Shivering Outside the Plaza Hotel)":

paul tho. that is sir paul. #SNL40

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Elvis Costello leading "Twist and Shout and Lord It Over Everyone":

🎈So much insanity happening🎈#snl40afterparty

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And last but not least, here's Debbie Harry looking sincerely pissed that Fallon is upstaging her:

Epic #SNL40 @jimmyfallon @mileycyrus #debbieharry 👊

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Great party everybody, nice job. Guess what—we're going to the gym after work tonight and you're not invited... Okay, maybe Bill Murray can come if he wants.