Two years ago the people behind the floating East River pool idea raised $41,000 through a successful Kickstarter campaign, and now they just need a liiiiitle bit more to make this dream sort of happen. A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched in hopes of raising $250,000 for a mini test pool, or "Float Lab."


The 35' x 35' Float Lab, which will be assembled in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, will be placed "off the Brooklyn shore this August, giving everybody a chance to see and learn about how + POOL will clean the rivers." Remember, this pool isn't just for your enjoyment, it will contain a filtration system that would turn the toxic waterways of our city into something less toxic by using three types of filters, with the first two catching debris and algae, and the final trapping bacteria and viruses.

If everything goes smoothly, their realistic goal is to get a fully operational pool out there by the summer of 2016. And if that doesn't work, maybe we can just go in a different direction and revisit the 1924 and 1934 plans to drain the East River and pave the Hudson River.