When we first heard that Daniel Radcliffe would be the latest to portray Allen Ginsberg on fllm, we wondered if Kill Your Darlings would have any focus on the 1944 murder of David Kammerer, the 33-year-old "stalker" of Lucien Carr. The production has been filming all over New York for weeks, and most recently settled in at Columbia University. The school is where Carr (who already knew William S. Burroughs from St. Louis) met Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac—and the surrounding area is where the slaying occurred.

Last week the NY Times revisited the incident, noting it "served as an emotional fulcrum for the group a decade before Kerouac, Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs published their seminal works; the violent death in their midst lent credibility to the tortured-soul narrative they yearned for. Columbia University was critical to that narrative, and its Beaux-Arts campus is featured in a film now in production."

Previously there was no mention of Kammerer or Carr on the IMDB page, but they have since popped up. Kammerer will be played by Michael C. Hall, and Carr by Dane DeHaan. The only other time we can recall Carr and Kammerer being portrayed on film was in Beat, which starred Courtney Love as Joan Vollmer Burroughs, and peripherally touched on the murder (you can watch it on YouTube).

Later this year Kerouac's On The Road will also hit the big screen, whether we like it or not (and he may have actually liked it).