miramax_films.jpgRemember when seeing the animated "M" shimmy across the big screen with that tell-tale Miramax theme music made you do a little happy dance in your theater seat because you knew you were about to watch some top notch independent cinema? Sigh. It seems so long ago, before the Peter Biskind books, the Disney feuding and the promises that without too much sugar Harvey Weinstein is actually a nice guy.

The Museum of Modern Art's film department is helping relive those glory days with an on-going series of films from the catalogue of Miramax's 25 Years in the biz. This weekend's line up is enough to have you humming "Memories" all the way to midtown.

Jim Sheridan's My Left Foot, the film which garnered Daniel Day-Lewis an Oscar as the palsied Irish painter, plays on Friday at 8:30 pm. On Saturday at 5:30 pm, revel in the mastery of Iranian filmmaker's Abbas Kiarostami as his 1994 feature Through The Olive Trees plays. Also on Saturday at 8:15 pm will be a screening of Ju Dou by Zhang Yimou where you can see him experimenting with color schemes long before Hero.