Forget hipsters taking over houseboats in the Bronx, it's finally time for 30-year-old artist Mary Mattingly's Waterpod to set sail. Her new abode is currently afloat inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where she's renovating the 30-by-100-foot barge that soon enough will house four total.

She gave the NY Times a tour of the work in progress, showing plans for living quarters, a greenhouse, a windmill, and a coop to house the egg-producing chickens. The voyage will be well documented, as a crew has been on hand even during the construction of this floating biosphere (which is set to be completed by next week). When the last nail is hammered in, Mattingly and the three others will begin their five month residency, during which time they plan to dock at various spots in the five boroughs, starting off at South Street Seaport where the barge will be open to the public.

"The project, which has been financed with private donations and grants, is intended to be self-sustaining: food will be grown onboard, some of it in hydroponic gardens; drinking water derived from purified rainwater; electricity generated through a mix of solar, wind and bicycle power; and waste recycled into compost." However, Curbed cynically wonders if this is "all an elaborate scheme to live rent-free for a while." But maybe it's just the wave of the future, in a Bio-Dome, Mad Max, Waterworld sort of way.