2007_02_jenpaul.jpgThis is sure: Jennifer Connelly is breathtakingly beautiful and her husband, Paul Bettany, is no slouch himself. And from all gossip, they seem very cute when they are living their lives in Brooklyn with their kids. That said, we were amused to read in the Post that Bettany freaked out at the Waverly Inn when another patron made some comments about Connelly. Various witnesses tell the Post that some dude as making "lewd comments" or comments that weren't insulting but more "objectifying."

Bettany - who was about 10 feet from Connelly, his Academy Award-winning co-star in "A Beautiful Mind" - heard what was going on and "completely lost his temper" with the man who approached her, the witnesses said.

"He grabbed the guy, shook him up and threw him against the wall," said a witness. "It happened pretty quick, actually."

Bettany screamed, "Stop trying to f - - - my wife" at the man as Connelly stood by shouting at her husband, one witness said.

"She screamed his name like 15 times," said one witness.

Eventually, Bettany took the man outside - but there was no fight.

"Apparently, the guy just snuck off," one witness said. "He was a little freaked out."

Bettany than walked back into the restaurant and "had a nice little dinner with his wife and friends," a witness said.

If one can believe witness accounts, we have to say Bettany was within his rights to get annoyed with some creep bothering his wife. While it's unclear how irritated Connelly was, you'd imagine that someone at the hotspot-du-jour Waverly Inn would be able to keep it together with a celebrity in the midst.

The Waverly Inn denies that the incident occurred or that Connelly and Bettany were even there. Of course, this wouldn't be the first wacky celebrity fight at the Waverly - Ellen Barkin threw a glass of water at ex Ron Perelman's face last November when he approached her table, even after she said, "Please! Do not come any closer!"