Last week, Prince and his merry band of purple funkadelic sax blasters—the New Power Generation—played two surprise sets together at City Winery in Tribeca, delighting fans till early in the morning with lengthy, sweaty funk jams. It's unlikely that you'll get the opportunity to see Prince in such an intimate setting anytime soon, so savor the excellent video from those shows that Prince has now uploaded to the 3rdEyeGirl YouTube.

If you know anything about Prince, then you know how much he loathes having his music on the internet—the man has sued YouTube, fan sites, even a suburban mom, to get his music off the web. So it's nice to see him seemingly embracing the internet, joining Twitter, proving he has a sense of humor about himself, and posting live videos for the first time over the last few weeks. Maybe he's finally realized that cameras don't interfere with his ability to seance with the funk vibes of the universe.