One of my most anticipated shows of 2020 is Central Park, a new animated musical comedy on AppleTV+ about a "family of caretakers who live and work in Central Park" from Loren Bouchard, the brilliant creator of Bob’s Burgers. Today, we finally get our first look at the show, which very much looks to be in the style of Bob's, just with a lot more NYC references:"Where else can your son and daughter splash in dirty hot dog water?"

The voice cast includes Josh Gad, Leslie Odom Jr., Tituss Burgess, Kristen Bell, Daveed Diggs, Kathryn Hahn and Stanley Tucci, who plays the villainous rich old woman who wants to pave over Central Park and turn it into real estate. Considering the fact that Bob's Burgers really lays off bigger ongoing plotlines in favor of smaller family-oriented storylines, in the vein of The Simpsons, it'll be interesting to see whether Central Park sticks with the larger plot or gives way to more episodic, story-of-the-week type installments.

Bouchard co-created Central Park with Gad and Bob's Burgers collaborator Nora Smith. The series will debut with three episodes dropped on Friday, May 29th, then new installments of the 10-episode first season will begin weekly thereafter. The show already has been given a two-season, 26-episode order.