After successful appearances at the Comedy Cellar and Saturday Night Live last week, Tracy Morgan continued his comedy comeback tour (not to be confused with his actual comedy tour coming next year) by leading Jimmy Kimmel and sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez on a tour of his newest acquisition: the Bronx Zoo.

Whether or not Morgan actually used his settlement money with Wal-Mart to purchase the zoo (spoiler alert: he didn't), he still has a lot of love for the residents of the park, especially lasagna-loving gorillas, Peaches the flamingo, and the giraffes who get it on to Marvin Gaye. But he's going to do something about that rock, don't worry.

Kimmel is broadcasting all week from BAM’s Howard Gilman Opera House for his "Back To Brooklyn" special event. Earlier this week, he had Bill Murray (in Kabuki-face), Ryan Adams, and a lot of fun (including unearthing embarrassing old footage) with Jay Z—in honor of him being a guest, Kimmel's crew went out in Brooklyn and asked people, "What’s your problem?" 99 times.

And because Kimmel likes trolling kids most of all, he also asked kids in L.A. what they think about New Yorkers, and he asked NYC kids what they think about Los Angelenos.