The lyrics for Serge Gainsbourg's song "New York USA" basically lists off names of buildings in Manhattan ("Empire States Building oh! c'est haut, Rockfeller Center oh! c'est haut, Internationnal Building oh! c'est haut, Waldorf Astoria oh! c'est haut, Panamerican Building oh! c'est haut, Bank of Manhattan oh! c'est haut"), so it's only fitting his video takes place on a skyscraper. And who knew cardboard cities could give you vertigo?

Maybe you've seen it, since it was filmed in 1964, but Boing Boing just brought it to our attention. It sort of reminds us of a cross between Philippe Petit walking the wire, and the final scene in The Fountainhead movie (which, fine, we watched once a long, long time ago).