(Courtesy of Justin Sight)

Recently we saw a guy floating a quarter in thin air, and it made us believe in magic. Or at least it made us believe that magicians are out there, working on their craft, and helping our subway commute become a little less mundane, and a little more otherworldly. It's a great public service, really.

Meet Justin Sight, a magician who suffers vision loss from Stargardt macular degeneration disorder. He's been working his magic for 15 years, since he was 10 years old, and can often be found making things more interesting underground with his intimate illusions.

"I've been performing in NYC for a little over 2 years," he told us, "I frequent the Bedford stop L train platform in Williamsburg right as you enter from Bedford and North 7th." You are most likely to find him there after 11 p.m., and sometimes earlier in the day. We met up with him a few weeks ago to capture his sleights of hand, and his mad pick-up skills, on film. We still can't figure out how he did any of this...

Video by Jessica Leibowitz