If you've ever seen Christopher Nolan's The Prestige, then you know that magic can be both bullshit and, well, magic. Or at least a work of art. All it takes is undying passion and dedication. And knowing Nikola Tesla.

A good magician takes a trick, and with a well-worked slight of hand can make you believe. In something. Something that isn't your day-to-day routine. Something that strips your brain of knowledge and facts and science, and leaves you with only mystical, otherworldly beauty. Even if just for one fleeting moment.

Enter: this possibly blind magician working his schtick in the bowels of our mass transit system. The reviews are already piling up on Reddit after the below video surfaced of Justin Sight making a quarter float in thin air.

"Better than expected." — 411eli
"Impressive." — SeekersWorkAccount
"I don't think this guy is fully blind." — maxgee

Click play and watch your cynicism disappear.

Video by Jared Sichel