We're already halfway done with the edge-of-your-seat final season of Breaking Bad, and the thought of saying goodbye to Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and friends makes us want to take a long trip to Belize with Old Yeller. Thankfully, we'll always have the DVDs and live musicals inspired by Andrew Lloyd Webber to hold onto—wait, what? That's right: below, watch an hour-long Breaking Bad musical inspired by Andrew Lloyd Weber's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Walter White and the Amazing Blue Crystal Meth was performed earlier this summer at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in Los Angeles. It's quite a fun ride through the first 5.1 seasons of the show (it ends with Hank's big W.W. toilet revelation). The shows is littered with fantastic, obsessive details from the show; highlights include Hank's hilarious theme song "Hank's On The Case!" (skip to 12:45), Walt singing about understanding what it feels like to be a man after every horrible deed, Gale's amazingly goofy solo song "Be My Friend," Hank and the Cousins performing a dance fight, Mike sweeping the ground for "I'll Take Care Of It," Skyler singing her ode to "Silverfish," and a pitch bitch perfect Jesse singing "I'm In Love With You Bitch" when he meets Jane.

[h/t Vulture]