It's unclear if this man is trolling us, is participating in a piece of performance art, or if he's just sincerely transporting pad thai noodles in an open wok on a crowded subway while wearing clothing from Jimmy Buffet's closet. Does it even matter?

A tipster sent in this video and photo from last night's crowded rush hour 2 train, telling us this "dude was holding a overflowing wok with a small lid that hardly covered its contents." The smell: "Pungent." The scenario: "Ridiculous." The dude: Real chill, very zen, probably stoned? You decide, and be sure to turn it up to 11 for his mellow announcement upon exiting: "Pad Thai Noodles coming out. Pad Thai Noodles coming out." We're told that there was no visible spillage... so well done, sir.

This wasn't that quick of a trip; he was already on the train when our tipster got on at 34th Street, and he didn't exit until Chambers. So those noodles showed up at their destination even more chill than the dude carrying them.