This Wednesday morning, at 11 a.m., a time capsule will be unsealed and opened up in front of a live audience. The capsule is buried at 370 Jay Street in Brooklyn, the old MTA headquarters now owned by NYU. According to Fort Greene Focus—"renovations are facilitating the removal of the capsule."

A Brooklyn Eagle article from October 26th, 1949 reports that the time capsule was created by "then-Mayor William O’Dwyer, then-Brooklyn Borough President John Cashmore and then-Transportation Chairman William Reid, containing microfilmed documents relating to the construction of 370 Jay St., the then-new Board of Transportation Building."

A rope and pulley will be used to get the capsule (a metal chest) out—it's located "underneath a 5 x 5 cornerstone near the building’s main entrance on Jay Street, just south of Myrtle Avenue and next to the Downtown Brooklyn information kiosk."

A conservator will be on-hand and the materials (after being digitized) will go on display at the Transit Museum next year.

Sadly we still have to wait 4,924 years until we can open the World's Fair time capsule buried in 1939.