Bears are finally realizing their long-desired dreams of dominating suburban New Jersey, where hibernation caves are far more spacious and lower-taxed than those you find in The City. And while grown-up bears spend their days putting food on the table and sparring with their neighbors, baby bears get to play in those coveted suburban backyards. Check out these five adorable members of a bear family, who were caught on tape frolicking in a kiddie pool in Rockaway Township this week.

The Basso family recorded these sweet little bears, which appear to be a mother and her cubs, playing with their human children's pool, floatie toys, slide and swing-set this week. Sadly, at least one of the human children seemed very upset that it had to share the pool with all these mini Ursidae:

But humans have such fun toys for bears!

Go down the slide! GO DOWN THE SLIDE!

It is unclear whether the bears eventually tore all the Basso children's playthings to shreds, though perhaps it's best to spare them that sorrow before their animal neighbors enroll in their schools and out-score them on the SATs.