What did New Yorkers, big and small, want under the tree in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s? Below check out four vintage Christmas commercials from those decades—they feature everything from the Big piano, to Roger Maris's "Action Baseball" game. And while everything may have seemed so much simpler back then... remember, there wasn't online shopping:

This 1988 Fox 5 New York broadcast (featuring Maury Povich and Judy Licht) features a segment on "Top Toys for Christmas." What were they: the BIG piano, Nintendo, and Pee Wee Herman dolls:

Noboby beat The Wiz in 1986:

Did you buy at Alexander's in the 1980s?:

And here's an animated 1976 Toys R Us (in Yonkers) commercial:

Here's Yankees' Roger Maris selling his new Action Baseball game, circa the early 1960s:

And here's a whole block of old vintage ads, including many from the holidays—check out Crazy Eddie, Genovese, Billy Idol's "incredible new album," E.T. E.T. E.T. E.T.!, and a commercial for 102.7's interview with Yoko Ono, remembering John Lennon: