In a refreshing change, today we have been delivered some feel good footage from inside of a train car. No bad etiquette, nothing awful that will make you lose your faith in humanity, just some gleeful singing that would probably only annoy some of the train passengers.

On Facebook, MetroNorth conductor Bob McDonough posted the above video, and explained that he had the Yale Glee Club on his train last week.

Not only did I have "The Yale Glee Club" riding my train into NYC on Friday, but later that night they were on my train back home to New Haven. I told them I was a conductor, so I must conduct... and somehow they bought it. Did I mention they go to YALE? Thank you to Greg Suralik (class of '17) and Nolan Crawford, for recording and emailing your videos to me.

According to NBC, they also performed on the platform on Grand Central. Click play and enjoy this nice moment in human interaction, and some "Carol of the Bells."