Remember how cool the idea of a Nirvana reunion sounded when you were a kid? Why did you have to miss all the good bands because your stupid parents had you too late? But as you've grown older, you have come to realize that reunions are either cynical or sad or both.* The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is an elite shrine for a medium that's supposed to be about nonconformity, so it doesn't really care about all that.

WATCH the 21st Century produced slideshow made up of all the bootlegs you bought on VHS.

GASP at Michael Stipe quoting URBAN DICTIONARY in his induction speech.

CRINGE as Joan Jett kind of gives a wet blankety cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

OKAY, Kim Gordon's "Aneurysm" isn't that bad.

WOULD it have killed Dave Grohl to jump on the harmonization bandwagon in "All Apologies" ?

*Except in cases of McVie and Phish**.

**After a lengthy, time-wasting IM debate, Phish was added to the previous footnote over the strenuous objections of this entry's author. DEAL WITH IT.