Ant-Man, the Rodney Dangerfield of Marvel superheroes, will finally come to the silver screen this summer after nearly a decade of development. Of course, because this is Ant-Man, everything leading up to this major release has been a complete mess, starting with auteur Edgar Wright (who toiled to make the film, a passion project of his, a reality since the mid-00s) leaving the film abruptly due to "creative differences" last year on the eve of filming. It was, not counting non-starter The Incredible Hulk, the first major setback for Marvel Studios since they launched their Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Despite that mess (which led to multiple writers, including director Adam McKay, being brought in for rewrites), Ant-Man still has Mac and Me enthusiast Paul Rudd as its main character Scott Lang (somewhat re-imagined as a "master thief"), along with a strong supporting cast including Michael Douglas, Corey Stall, Evangeline Lily, Judy Greer and more.

It's being billed as a heist film and the last part of Marvel's Phase 2, though it's unclear whether Ant-Man will one day be a bite-sized member of the Avengers. Sure, he's being somewhat overshadowed by the behemoth that is Avengers: Age Of Ultron, which is coming out two months before, but at least Ant-Man is getting a film.

But of course, more indignities have befallen the teeniest superhero around: yesterday, Marvel released an ant-sized teaser for the trailer for the film (the actual trailer will premiere on Tuesday during Agent Carter, because synergy). Thankfully, Marvel realized everyone was a little less than charmed by the ant-sized preview to a preview, so they at least released a full-sized version of it today. You can watch both below, and get a dose of that Rudditude.

If this preview was made for ants, then how come the movie logo is super-sized, huh? How do you explain THAT Columbo?

In case you're not familiar with the universe's utter contempt for Spandex-Clad Rick Moranis Jr, here's how we explained it last year:

As a wife-abuser with the power of those Honey I Shrunk The Kids kids, Hank Pym has already suffered his fair share of indignities at the hands of both fellow superheroes and the comic book writers who control his fate. But we thought things were turning around with the announcement of director Edgar Wright's major motion picture for Marvel focused on the character. Things were finally coming up Ant-Man! Except no, they aren't, because Pym won't even be the star of his own film—instead, Paul Rudd will play Scott Lang (who in the comics inherited the mantle from Pym, a founding member of The Avengers for crissakes, after 30 years or so of Pym disappointing his friends and family) as the titular hero. And an aging Pym will have to settle for being played with wearying disdain by Michael Douglas. Scott Lang, the punk who STOLE the Ant-Man technology which Pym created, will be the center of the film! There is such a lack of respect for Pym, he has even been written out of stories involving his misdeeds—he was the one who created Ultron in the comics after all, yet you shouldn't expect to see any sign of him in the second Avengers film, Age Of Ultron.