If you didn't watch Last Man On Earth on Sunday, or last night when Hulu allowed you to watch Sunday's episode, maybe consider watching it sometime this week. Why? Oh, no reason. Hey, check out this stunning wallpaper behind the flatscreen in this scene:

In the episode, Trump had already been impeached or something, so this was for Pence.

The post-apocalyptic comedy is now in its third season, and stars Will Forte, who eventually meets other survivors of the virus that has killed most of the population. They're played by Kristen Schaal, January Jones, Mel Rodriguez, Cleopatra Coleman, Mary Steenburgen, Kenneth Choi, and some others along the way. The latest is Kristen Wiig, who stars in the stand-alone episode—it starts out just as the virus is wiping out everyone on earth, including President Pence.

We never hear Trump's name, or what happened to him (use your imagination!). Following Pence's funeral, the news shows the funerals of Paul Ryan, Rex Tillerson, Steve Mnuchin, Jeff Sessions, Betsy DeVos and so on.

After all that, we are quickly brought to an underground bunker that Wiig accesses, where she plans to wait out the end of days. And while the luxury bunker is worth watching the episode for alone, our *chef kiss* goes out to that montage that depicts the entire Trump Administration succumbing to the virus. That's what happens when the anti-vaxxers win, after all.