The Darth Vader shower heads have been turned on, the official BB-8 oranges have been peeled, and the seal has been broken on the review embargo—we're only one day away from the official release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens And Won't Stop Making Films Until Well After You're Dead. The entire main cast turned up on Late Show with Jimmy Fallon last night to perform an a capella humming rendition of the main themes with The Roots. It may even make you momentarily not hate a capella!

It's not that surprising to see Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Gwendoline Christie, Lupita Nyong'o, and National Treasure Carrie Fisher (but no Gary???) all participating in the promotional duties, but getting Harrison Ford to do so ($eemingly willingly?) is a big get. He even did a bit with Stephen Colbert as well, in which we learn how close Han Solo was to becoming Han Duo.

If you're looking for more Star Wars content units to consume before lining up to see the film this weekend but want to avoid spoilers, you may want to boycott the Daily News entirely (and/or download the Google Chrome spoiler-blocker extension).

There's also a video featuring every use of The Force in the first six films.

But there is some fun stuff to read about that won't give anything away, including: the Star Wars Kama Sutra book that is sure to get your AT-AT in action; the best Star Wars references in rap songs; a sensible discussion of the nonsensical politics of the universe; a chart with the trajectories of the original cast's careers; and you can learn who the voice behind BB-8 really is (suffice to say, that droid has EVERYTHING).

Also, some fun facts: did you know that Oscar Isaac (a.k.a. Al Pacino 3.0) played bass in a ska band in the late '90s? This was shortly before his star-making turn as Detective Fartman in the beloved Lenny the Wonder Dog movie.