We tried to do what we could to help you avoid the noxious mass of slowly-moving drunken frat bros that is SantaCon, but like death and taxes, there are some things one just can't avoid in this life. But maybe you were like us—holed up indoors with CNN on a constant sad loop—and you're asking yourself, "What's so bad about people embracing the holiday spirit in the streets?" In which case, we'd point you to the many videos below, which show the true spirit of SantaCon is about getting into frightening arguments with taxi drivers and passing out on the subway in the arms of your best bro. WARNING: these videos may cause flashbacks to that episode of American Horror Story with the murderous Santa.

As far as annoying SantaCon behavior goes, passing out on the subway is fairly innocuous. But the video below contains the phrase that might as well be the outing's official slogan.

In these clips, some innocent bystanders observe the Santas, but get caught up in the blur of red and white, because there is no such thing as a safe distance with these folks. They also face the ultimate question: is the food in "Legends" as legendary as the lines make it seem?

We warned you not to enter the East Village, but you didn't listen:

This video seems to be trying to further the myth that SantaCon is just a jolly old time filled with hugs and goofy costumes, leaving out the obnoxious catcalling, festive vomiting, creepy misogyny, and the stench of a thousand people's urine-stained dignity dribbling into the gutters of Manhattan.

And finally, the nightmare that is the subway during SantaCon. Where are the Rat Kings when you actually need them?